An oasis for the
inquisitive minds
While sustainable design lays the groundwork for Hong Kong’s prosperity, the waterfront promenade has been designed to transform Kowloon East into a dynamic business hub that caters both work and public enjoyment. Since the opening of the first berth of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the first phase of the promenade, it has become a green
sanctuary in the midst of bustling
commercial life, and features a mix
of art installations that offers a rare
sense of tranquility for working
Laying the groundwork
future success
We believe that people are the driving force behind successful businesses. This is why we have invested so much of our resources in keeping up with market trends and consumers behaviors over the years. Through detailed observation of our clients at large, we have pioneered a new model for commercial
buildings that continues to set new
standards in the industry. As Kowloon
East most anticipated mixed-use
development, 56 Tsun Yip Street is the
prime location for expanding retail chains, independent professionals and growing
Pioneering the customer-
centric retail journey
Located at the heart of the new business and tourism hub,
56 Tsun Yip Street is cradled by a metro mark, and other art and cultural establishments. And once inside our spacious arcade, you shall be greeted by the friendly faces of restaurant owners, storekeepers and lobby staff. Experience the height of hospitality, as you immerse yourself in the latest trends and the finer things in life.
A place of
many talents
Curated for those looking for an exclusive retail experience, this place is designed for the city’s best talents, whose expertise spans across every facet of your life. Indulge in the luxurious setup of VIP showrooms and store space, reserved only for the sophisticated few.
Offering a unique view for
the perspicacious few
Let your vision lead you across the Diamond Delta of Victoria Harbor and into the world of opportunities. This executive suite is not designed for the faint-hearted, but pioneers who had trusted their discerning visions, and blazed new trails in many fields. It is reserved for leaders who invest in people and their ideas that shape the future.
Building a commodious
workspace for future leaders
Experience an unparalleled sense of comfort as the workplace is designed for the sharpest minds in every industry. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you will be motivated to devote even more energy towards your dreams and goals in life. Reap the rewards of your hard work while enjoying the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbor, and prepare your mind for the next battle.
The Grandeur of
a new landmark
Upon entering 56 Tsun Yip Street, you will be welcomed by an experienced team of property managers, and a distinctive sense of space that fuses artistic grandeur and stylish modernity. The building further offers designated floors for car parking that cater to the needs of professional executives and visitors.