Notes: The location of MTR station and the traveling time is for reference only. Please refer to the information announced by relevant government department. Information source : www.mtr.com.hk
The travel time is based on Google Map 23rd January 2021, based on the starting point at the Development, and is for reference only. The actual travel time may vary depending on the road traffic condition and the driving speed in real time. The map is a computer processed image which has been simplified and is not to scale. All information in the map including but not limited to the location of the Development and its surrounding environment, roads, districts, transportation, buildings, construction works and facilities are for reference only. The actual Development within the areas shown on the map may be significantly different from any information, predictions or expectations expressed on the map, which shall not constitute or be construed as constituting the Vendor giving any representation, undertaking or warranty, whether expressed or implied.
Omitted 4/F, 13/F and 14/F
The vendor reserves the right to make alterations to the building plans and other plans relating to the Development from time to time, and the design of the Development shall be subject to the final plans approved by the relevant Government authorities. The internal areas of units on upper floors will generally be slightly larger than lower floors due to the reducing thickness of structural walls on upper levels. Floor-to-floor height refers to the height between the top surface of the structural slab of a floor and the top surface of its immediate upper floor. The dimensions in the floor plans are all structural dimensions in millimetre.